• franz enzenhofer

    hi vanessa, thx for pointing to my old google groups thread about the #!

    google tested the _escaped_fragment_ stuff first with #@ then with #! (which they choose). and yes, some sites (one i work for) had a developer tag the internal name anchor links (which we used for some ajax) with stuff like ! or @, thats why we saw these requests in our logfiles. google seems to have chosen #! for this because there are less pages out there with #! than #@.

    as the one site i work for does not support this _escaped_fragment_ stuff and we take URL canonicalization very serious we had the internal name anchors cleaned up, this seems to have given google the rest and now leads to this very very very strange redirect behaviour. (or google screwed this up in its own).

    so these results are historical and deprecated and we do not have the link in there, but as it seems google takes its time to clean up this stuff. (but we are from a about 80.000 to now about 3.500)

    great article

  • franz enzenhofer

    “given google the rest” is denglish/germish (english/german mashup) for “put google over the edge”