• http://www.emarketeers.com jsaipe

    Thanks for the post Chris.

    I’m interested to know more about your comment: “some factors used in AdWords quality score are also being used in organic search rankings.” Can you elaborate?



  • http://silvery.com Chris Silver Smith

    Jonathan – I elaborated above – for instance, Site Speed is now being used as a ranking factor. Keyword Relevance is also pretty obvious. Etc.

  • http://www.visualscript.co.uk Badams

    Aside from the gratuitous (and rather vulgar) self-congratulations in the introduction, this was actually a fairly useful article.

  • http://silvery.com Chris Silver Smith

    Thanks, Badams – I sometimes tend to proactively defend why someone should listen to the advice that I’m providing. Not only do some marketers throw out suggestions willy-nilly, with no justification, but I’ve found repeatedly over time that people have a very short memory for history. So, I was trying to lay out the context for why these elements could factor into rankings, and why anyone should pay attention to what I say.

    I’m conscious that I may’ve layed it on a bit thick, though, coming off as narcissistic — so, I appreciate your feedback.