• http://andersonjr.com/ William Anderson

    Thanks for the thoughts, and especially for the resources.

    I’ve been playing around with marketing using agile and it’s been fairly successful (with a handful of speedbumps). I got my toes wet talking with developers, from which I created The Daily Scrum podcast. I use the discussion to bring agile practices to non-development environments.

    Thanks again!

  • http://twitter.com/SmokeJumper Brent Harrison

    Love it – market as if you were a software company (even if you are not).  Have experiment with iterative and incremental marketing with the learnings from leading agile product teams for years.  Lemme know if you get kindred spirits together to write an Agile Marketing Manifesto of sorts!


  • Peter Bourne

    Scott in my experience the key to this is measuring performance, tracking and analyzing results, and your mention of big data alludes to that. The struggle we find at Spring Metrics is tool proliferation for the implementation and tracking of the scrums we do (and we’re in the CRO business ourselves, so references to the cobbler’s children are appropriate!). Any suggestions or comments on that?