• David Phillips

    Benny thanks for this post. I was wondering why no one’s been talking about this. But, here’s a question for you. How do we track devices now through third party analytics suites like Omniture or WebTrends? We used to have different URLs for tablet, mobile and desktop but now they’re all going to use the same URL so how will a third party be able to decipher this?

  • http://twitter.com/bennyblum Benny Blum

    David – you can leverage the {device} valuetrack parameter for any analytics platform because it’s populated at the time of the click – it’s just a question of how you define the parameter which will be unique to your platform. If your’re using omniture, you can use an evar to capture the {device} param (although depending on your contract you may have a limited number of evars available). Another option is to leverage the SAINT tool with the s.getQueryParam() to capture a parameter value from another custom defined variable (e.g. device={device}). Hope that helps.

  • Jeff McKay

    Good write up! I had a question about using both the auto-tagging of URLs within AdWords as well as using custom UTM parameters for internal tracking purposes. Are you able to utilize both of these at the same time? If a custom UTM parameter is the same as what is encoded in the gclid, with this alter any of the data GA reports on? Also, if this is possible to implement both, do you know of an article that discusses this a little further in depth? Thanks!