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    As you mentioned using Twitter to seek out news and buzz I find that being my first source for “split second” info. When we had an earthquake in LA Friday Twitter search was the first place I went. Results were great as personal reports came in as well as links to geological sites with data posted regarding the event.

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    Danny, in the news numbers are you including distribution via the Search Api/Mashup Tools Yahoo! and Google have been providing for webmasters? I’ve seen a few sites that were built by clipping news out of Google News Alerts. That could provide long term visibility/traffic if the article/press release is linked to from a forum or other tahgging/news sites.

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    Danny, I performed an experiment inspired by your statement about search queries asked in the form of a question often returning Y! Answers organic results. I purposely entered a question-style query into the 4 top search engines hoping to get Y! Answers in the serps. The result was surprising: