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    great details – impressive article – thanks for the insights

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    Good general article. I thought from the title it would have more direct implementation but good basic ideas.

  • http://www.facebook.com/praveen.sharmaa Praveen Sharma

    Awesome work Trond.

  • http://twitter.com/JoshuaJButler Joshua Butler

    ditto Frank Watson. Great article. This type of article requires significant experience to write, and I’m very happy that Trond is sharing.

  • http://twitter.com/TatizTorres Tatiana Torres

    I agree with John, I’d like to see some more direct implementation ideas. But I really think the article can open some professionals’ mind to the fact we must start getting inside the customer’s head before running lots of SEO strategies that may even not reach the right customers.

  • Pankaj

    Well Said. We generally read these conceptual posts on daily basis even we discuss them as well. But Never tries to implement the same practically. So its all about the awareness and execution..

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    Great insights!

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    “Managing the Client” Great advice and only understood if you’ve tried to do this before. A must read for a SEO’er pro trying to grow to bigger clients.

  • http://twitter.com/dinomaiolo David Dino Maiolo

    Nothing earth shattering here, but solid article nonetheless. A basic, straight forward outline for SEOs, but I think more is needed for companies to compete at a high level.

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    Great insights would be nice if a company ceo would read this as well

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    Great Seo Strategy man!

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    Amazing . Just simply amazing . One of the most important posts I have red on SEL

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    nice article indeed!! However, i didn’t get when you mentioned “relevancy is no longer good enough”, as search engines like relevancy. Of course, I will be satisfied when a relevant page of content is fetched for my question.

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    Great Article Trond !

    Thanks for your valuable recommendations.

  • http://www.clayton-nichols.com/ Clayton Nichols

    Fantastic insight. I think in terms of being an SEO, I practice much of what is anticipated here. My struggles begin with the actual business side trying to justify the cost. I’m going to have to try some of your tips presented within the article.

  • http://SEOnomics.com/ Trond Lyngbø

    Yes, growth comes at a cost. And the cost of growing into bigger SEO clients is the inevitable need to deal with administrative issues and engage in team interactions, some of them outside your comfort zone and in situations where you are perceived as the “unknown outsider” with questionable value to the organization. It then becomes a priority to establish one’s credentials, and do it in a manner that’s easy for the others to appreciate and understand. “Google brings you X% of your profit/revenue” is powerful in that way :-)

  • http://SEOnomics.com/ Trond Lyngbø

    Right you are, Pankaj. Awareness and then execution. Before being able to implement an SEO strategy, it’s important to be aware of the various pieces that interact in a dynamic and even complex manner on a big project with a major client. I didn’t get deeper into the specific elements of execution because I’m not sure how many people want to hear more about them. If you want me to cover any component in greater detail, please let me know and I’ll address it in a future article.

  • http://SEOnomics.com/ Trond Lyngbø

    Thanks, Tatiana, I certainly plan to share some more direct implementation ideas soon. Understanding user intent is such a key factor in achieving purposeful SEO results that it merits a deep and thorough study by anyone who offers SEO services to clients. Without it, all that one can reasonably expect to deliver is a #1 ranking on Google. Only tying it together with user intent will deliver bottom-line results. To maximize impact, you must get inside your prospect’s heads.

  • http://SEOnomics.com/ Trond Lyngbø

    Thanks, John. I’ll be happy to share some more direct implementation tips with the community. If you could spare a few moments to let me know what specific things you’d most like to hear about, it will help tailor a follow-up article that answers the most important questions and address the most pressing needs. Looking forward to hearing from you, as well as others who read this. :-)

  • http://SEOnomics.com/ Trond Lyngbø

    Oh, yes, Joshua. Behind each of those bullet points in the article are years of work and heart-breaking frustration. By sharing this with fellow SEO pros, I hope it will help at least a few to avoid the pitfalls and hurdles that held me back during the early stages of my work. I’ve been blessed by the opportunity of working with major clients whose e-commerce websites handle millions of page views and process huge volumes of sales. The lessons from that experience has been priceless – and can be applied to any other project, big or small.

    If you’d like me to cover any particular topic or sub-set of what is mentioned above, please ask. It will be my pleasure to try and help :-)

  • Cheyserr

    I’m quite an amateur when it comes to these things. However I learned that in this industry, you need to think inside and outside the box, after doing that, think again. Well I guess the hardest part for me is to get some clarity especially in this industry where a lot is going on. But these tips are great. Thanks for sharing.

  • http://SEOnomics.com/ Trond Lyngbø

    Yes, it is important to be unique and distinctive in the way you approac SEO rather than blindly following the herd. The vast majority of SEOs do the same things the same way, which makes them ineffective” In the middle of a mindless set of routines and activities, the needs of the customer/visitor are ignored. Time and again, it has been proven that understanding user intent is the single most important factor that determines how effective your SEO eventually is.

  • http://SEOnomics.com/ Trond Lyngbø

    Clayton, I used to struggle with this for many years. Trying to explain things to the business folks while wording them in SEO lingo was my big mistake. They didn’t understand what I was talking about, knew they were spending money on my project, and kept wondering whether or not it was earning them a profit! Once I figured this out, and focused my explanations on the bottom-line impact my SEO activities were making on the BUSINESS side of things, it became very easy to get buy-in and support from everyone on the team :-)

  • http://SEOnomics.com/ Trond Lyngbø

    You’re right, relevancy is very important to achieving high rankings, and more importantly, in getting visitors who will take the desired action once they arrive at your site. What I was driving at is the fact that simply having a page which delivers an appropriate result that’s related to the search phrase is no longer enough. It matters just as much (even more) that you are addressing the unvoiced needs and desires in the search user’s mind while they type in those terms. That’s why user intent can have transformational impact on the RESULTS you get from your SEO. When targeted visitors reach your site where they find exactly what they hoped for while typing in their search terms, you have explosive synergy!

  • http://SEOnomics.com/ Trond Lyngbø

    Thanks, Hampig. You are very gracious :-)

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    Impressive results and not a lot of fluff • strong work Trond!

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    One of the best articles I have read! The main Aim of applying SEO is better revenues, and you have provided readers with great tips.

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