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    This is a great article! Definitely something I thinkg a lot of web developers and web site owners should be aware of. Anayltics is the key to success for many businesses online and its articles like this that will help people learn this!


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    Good article…I noticed you used the term ‘Binging’. Seriously?

  • http://web-marketing-advisor.co.uk Pete

    I would also add that the landing page message must match the ‘need’ of the searcher by demonstrating that the solution for the need is here (look no further).

    So in the example of the cookery book if the keyword search was ‘quick and easy recipes’, then in my opinion the landing page should emphasise how having the book will save time, stating things like less than 20 minutes preparation time, some only take 2 minutes. Also use words like simple and straightforward.

    Don’t be tempted to give too much emphasis to how tasty they are or the various styles (Italien, French, British etc), that can be saved for a different landing page that matchers those searchers needs.

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