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    A third approach is from the business perspective – that is, to map out your own funnel. Its quite different for each business, and a bit different from product to service businesses.

    a funnel might go a bit like this:

    T amount of people are AWARE of business (or product)
    X amount of people are aware of us, and perceive us favorably
    Y amount of people perceive us favorably, and will PURCHASE
    Z amount of people perceive us favorably, and will INFLUENCE others to purchase

    It would be particular to my business, but I should be able to suss out actual numbers to go along with each factor.

    In Social media, I can influence people belonging to each of those groups, and thus assign an appropriate value.

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    Great article! Do you have any stats on relative ranges of values for a Facebook friend versus a Twitter friend? Certainly, there is a wide range based on quality– but it would be fun to have a calculator of some sort to determine your popularity and “value” of your friends. I’m talking about going beyond the simple grader tools already out there that pretty much just count how many friends you have.

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    Thanks, this article is a great read. Do you of reliable stats about the avg. number of friends per active user in fb? Such stats are invaluable in terms of calculating the value of a fan …