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    Touch Local in the UK have just released the first iteration of their api: http://www.touchlocal.com/developers
    It’s already being used for interesting stuff like a local search twitter mashup:
    http://twitter.com/touchfind by @oliverphillips

  • http://www.relevantads.com David Rodecker

    Thanks for sharing your insights Andrew. Indeed, API’s are the glue of the internet. I’d be curious to see how many implementations and users the locally oriented API publishers currently draw; and how rapid the trend is moving For years, businesses like Local.com have made their living on it; both in consuming ad streams and publishing combined courtesy and sponsored results.

    The evolution of structured local information mashed-up a dozen different ways in the social eco-sphere will probably continue to yield a lot more fragmentation in local. I suspect, however, that as our devices become more omni-present and capable, that a few, game-changing leaders will emerge.

    Fascinating to witness this evolution…

  • http://seocraftsmen.com taoseo

    Yes thanks for sharing Andrew. Many thanks. It looks like I’ll have a new project on the go in the near future involving local search thanks to you. I truly never thought there were APIs and applications out there regarding local search. Awesome article.

  • http://www.planetc1.com/ chiropractic

    I’m drooling Andrew, loving the info you provided in this list. Now to find a local search god that can help implement the data for more fun and profit. :)

  • http://www.canpages.ca aimsrae21

    I have another API for your list!

    Canpages’ API of 1.3 million business listings, photos, videos, lat/longs. http://code.canpages.ca

    Canpages has also announced an API app contest. Winner receives a $5,000 grand prize and 3 runner up winners to receive $1,000 for apps built with the business listings. Sign up for the contest here: winmoney.canpages.ca

  • http://www.facebook.com/jonasll Jonathan Lavoie-Lévesque

    YellowAPI.com should also be added to this list! (http://www.yellowapi.com)