• irha

    I think having a single search box is the single biggest improvement they made. It is so dumb to not have it for so long, since most often I have to copy and paste the address from my address book or a webpage. It is unfortunate that you still have to click on “Use Copy and paste form”, but now that they have it, I will definitely end up coming to mapquest more. This is one reason I used to avoid going to mapquest for quick map lookups.

  • http://www.blackballonline.com blackballonline

    How many lives does Mapquest have? It used to be THE map solution but after the parade goes by it becomes increasingly difficult to regain market share. I think that addressing the rampant Google map spam problem would go a long way towards that end. I love the new look and features. I just hope the spam junkies have been accounted for beforehand. This is a strength for the Bing Maps as I see it – less spam.