• http://twitter.com/nextgenseek nextgenseek

    Googe Maps need to do better and bring the “wow” feeling back.  Bing is catching up. Here is an example.
    http://buzzintechnology.com/2012/05/planning-a-trip-to-a-national-park-ditch-google-maps-and-use-bing-maps/ and Apple has come up with a coup.. It is interesting time for maps. 

  • http://www.orionweb.net/ Russ Offord

    Google Places support recently sent me an email reply in which they mentioned to check Google Mapmaker for the existence of the place in question as part of a troubleshooting proceedure for the Google Places (now Google+ business) listing.

  • http://www.seogenx.com/ Nandkishor

    Doing great jobs. Hope this can be available to the countries other than USA. I am so exciting to do this.

  • http://wpsites.net/ Brad Dalton

    I think Bing maps as nicer really especially for WordPress users who want to embed them in a post or page

  • pip010

    are you kidding me? google maps is not right! it is painfully NOT right on their on damned OS Android

    meet osmdroid and open source provider. forget about G. it is not a GOD!

  • http://localseoireland.ie/ Sean Fullerton

    we’re still waiting on map maker in Ireland (and voice, and offers!). grrr