• http://soundcloud.com/broasis Kenny Schmied

    What an awesome 92% savings, thanks MSN! Ugh. Anyone else notice the extreme decline in actual value from these daily deal sites recently? Even the Groupon emails I get every day hardly have local food deals any more (what started it all) – it’s all spa days, massages, manicures, or other shit thats service-based and excessively overpriced from the beginning. I realize the companies taking part have incentives to offer service based products over physical goods since their margin will take a smaller hit, but I can’t help but feel driven away from most of these sites recently because of this. I’m a male in my 20’s, and have no interest in massages, spa days, manicures, pedicures, dental care packages, organic skin care products, or health studio trial memberships.

    It seems the economics of daily deal sites are causing a conglomeration of offers centered around service-based industries. While this seems natural, I can’t help but think – people were attracted to these sites originally because of deals on food, which nearly everyone can use. How badly are Groupon and the others hurting their long-term prospects by allowing these industries to seemingly monopolize their offerings?