• Sele

    Does this affect any affiliate marketin? My income has go down at least 50% since the iOS6 was released.

  • http://searchengineland.com/ Danny Sullivan

    Potentially, if your affiliate codes were being passed through meta referrer, then this would prevent that from happening.

  • http://www.mobilemartin.com/ Michael Martin

    Here is a decent workaround for iOS6+ organic “not provided” traffic – http://blog.intrapromote.com/correctly-track-your-mobile-seo-traffic/

  • http://www.seo-theory.com/ Michael Martinez

    Now if only someone would turn off SLURP over at Yahoo!.

  • Jon

    How was this discovered? Not sure the article mentions

  • David Watts

    This is HUGE for me! Made my day, week, month. Huge present of increased SEO traffic and sales. :)

  • Sele

    Thanks! I´m using Zanox in germany.

  • laulaujones

    Thanks for posting this! Luna Metrics posted something similar on this
    topic a while back here:
    but your explanation is superb. Makes explaining the issue to clients simpler.

  • Stu Bowker

    I’ve done some tests and found that Google’s use of meta referrer is specific to the browser. It’s not present in the source code of the firefox or IE version but is in Chrome (desktop and iOS) regardless of being signed in or not. This means that the referral data is still passed through as normal.

    For some reason it’s not applying the same logic to mobile Safari. Grrr!

  • http://www.yepididi.com/ Helena

    Great research – keep us posted on the updates, as there surely will be. This has effected many of our clients!

  • http://searchengineland.com/ Danny Sullivan

    Interesting, thanks!

  • tedives

    Presumably one effect of this behavior is that webmasters would think that they are getting less traffic from mobile Apple devices than they really are…

    …thus making them less likely to working on optimizing their site for mobile Apple devices.

    Coincidence theorists should be having a field day with this!

  • http://magstags.com Mags

    FINALLY a large article on that! Thank you!
    I’ve been explaining it to the business for some time. It is very challenging especially if you manage a massive site, which is visited mostly my young people! They all have iphones, ipads etc. and I am losing a massive portion of SEO whilst ‘Direct’ is growing ‘unnaturally’.

  • Pat Grady

    And most don’t. Where I have seen it, is in some in-house (non-network) shops, as well as some hand rolled jobs. Most drop a cookie, even many of those who use URL and/or referrer data.

  • Pat Grady

    Little known Dutch secret, wooden shoes turn apples into applesauce.

  • Nebosh Course in UAE

    i bookmark this post, this is very useful. thanks, a lot.

  • Gene McKenna

    Data I have says that something changed in this recently, about July 29/30 I have a big drop in “Direct” traffic from Safari mobile and an equivalent rise at same time in SEO from Safari mobile.

  • Gene McKenna

    I am not the only one seeing that Safari may now be reporting SEO correctly. http://www.reprisemedia.com.au/2013/08/safari-change-improves-organic-search-traffic/