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    Internet privacy is an oxymoron. Fixing it is too big a job for the United States Congress United Nations. Non-internet related privacy issues are a hot political topic for citizens in China, Venezuela, the United States….everywhere. And sadly, regulation of the Internet isn’t on anyone’s short-term agenda.

    The result is that users need to have a more sophisticated and nuanced view of privacy in the internet age. The guiding principle in US privacy laws is do you have “reasonable expectations of privacy.” Let’s face it. Today you don’t have a reasonable expectation of Internet privacy. Social networking turns privacy on its head. Putting your email on a corporate web site to join a mailing list is clearly a gray area. And with certain transactions we’ve developed a high confidence that certain information is private…i.e. credit card numbers when shopping at an e-retailer.

    I’m confident that the current that privacy protection will eventually be part of the Internet’s future. Today, the only practical answer is buyer beware.

  • davidkris

    Pidginbil is right, the expectation of privacy online is a false one. I’m working with a company that is building a product that truly protects your privacy, encrypting all your browsing history. I’m sure other companies are working on similar ideas as well – the need and consumer awareness is calling for it.

    If you’d like to check it out, go to http://www.getCocoon.com for a free copy while it’s still in beta. Any comments are appreciated! Thanks, Kris

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    I thought the definition of “creepy line” was “average Eric Schmidt pull quote.”