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    Thanks for such an insightful article Greg. I think QR codes are here to stay (at least for looong while). The code are easy to set up, apps are easy to download and FREE, everyone has a smartphone –all these factor into ease of adoption of QR codes. I’ve been implementing QRs for clients as an add-value service to all marketing communication projects. This article and report now prove that those QRs codes are reaching one of the highest spending demographics– affluent 18-34 males; these guys have $$$ and are looking for ways to spend it. Give them more ways ( in the form of QR codes)!

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    It is unsurprising that Comscore is pitching this story as “6% of users are now using QR codes” instead of “After years of being inundated with QR codes everywhere you look, 94% of cell phone users still aren’t using them.”

    I think it’s in Google & Apple’s hands at this point as to whether the general public becomes regular QR code users. Should either of them update their camera software to recognize and process the QR codes, it would make it much easier and likely for people to actually bother scanning them.

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    The study that you quote is interesting, but the top advertisers using QR codes in magazines are Garnier and L’Oreal. And, more QR codes appear in women’s magazines than in men’s magazines. Is there something advertisers know that the survey missed?

    Our report on QR Code Use is available for download: http://www.nellymoser.com/action-codes/mobile-action-code-usage-study#

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    My company closeoutcabinets.com has tried using QR codes we found them to bring in little leads for the amount of time it takes to set them up.