• Pat Grady

    That Conversion Rate by Device doesn’t look right to me. On a 10-scale, the C/S/T looks like 10/7/8. Our stats, aggregated over many clients, is more like 10/4/12. And we run mobile on fewer campaigns than their non-mobile equivalents, meaning, if we did always run mobile for all, it’d be 10/2.5/12.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VSRGYCL4GJCLQGSUM5K2S7DYXI Timothy

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  • Ian Bowland

    From looking after loads of campaigns for clients (largely in the UK) we see that the “mobile” element is enormously skewed by the mobile and tablet issue – google analytics “mobile” element is smartphone and tablet combined. I don’t doubt that “mobile” (smartphone and tablets) is growing quickly and might get to one third of paid search by end of 2013 (one client already at 28%) but just be very careful of the enormous difference in value between a paid mobile (smartphone) search and a paid tablet search. Of “mobile” (mobile and tablet) revenue we see across the vast majority of accounts that tablet revenue equates to 75%+.

    So be vary careful about the bids in Googles New “Enhanced Campaigns”. If you don’t take account of this for your particular account then the enhancement of these new campaigns will only enhance Google’s Revenue!

  • William Bakhos

    This whole Enhanced thing is to put more money in Google’s pockets and improve their average CPC.. they are struggling with this and this can be seen in their latest Q4 results.. but forcing people onto mobile? You can’t opt out, you need to put in -100% bid to get out..

    Looking at the charts below Google could have let the trend to the work but they are forcing it on us.. At least continue giving us control.. not impressed here.