• JWilson

    Excellent post! I have found that for large national companies with hundreds or thousands of locations that including the address in the title can be an effective and scalable solution for local SEO. For smaller business, it’s more effective and more manageable to test different strategies with titles to see what is most effective.

  • http://silvery.com Chris Smith

    JWilson, I’d still say that it’s really dependent upon whether it’s apropos or not to give so much weight to street address.

    Certainly, I’d suspect that for a national company with many addresses, they might get more overall traffic due to accidental query matching of content in their addresses. But, I think that extra traffic would be far more likely to be unqualified than for targeting when people are seeking a specific street address.

    So, I’d still push to include street in titles only when that street address is likely to be more popular — office buildings and shopping centers shared by a larger number of businesses as well as various landmark addresses.