• http://www.orientalsharpton.com/ tiennguyen

    The biggest flaw can be found by doing a search on Google Shopping and Thefind.

    What you notice is that Google Shopping requires a merchant to list a shipping price, whereas listings on thefind will only sometimes contain it but not always.

    So if you are doing a search on each, and each return 50 results, the list that doesn’t require shipping will reveal a lower price.

    Similar to Amazon, the Buy Box price may be $15 with free shipping, and then there’s a seller listing it at $9 but charging $8 to ship. If we were to hide the shipping, the price of that product would be $9.

  • http://www.thefind.com/ Shashikant Khandelwal

    Hi Tien,

    The test was done using only the base price. Shipping price was not considered for any engine. In Google, the ‘base price’ column on the price compare page was used for sorting.

  • speedgraphic

    Unfortunately, it’s a common tactic for shady storefronts to use very low prices to draw people in, and then make it up on the back end with high shipping fees. I wouldn’t be surprised if TheFind is primarily finding these low-quality storefronts. I’d check myself but the website is down.

  • James Grant

    My experience with The Find is that the prices are never accurate (considerable increases when you click through to the seller’s site) and that a significant % of product links land on dead pages. I’d like to see a test carried out where the sale is followed through to the final confirmed price (including delivery charges).