• http://wtff.com/ JustConsumer

    Good report (Tips are obvious)).

    Small correction :
    “According to comScore data in May, Yahoo topped site usage with nearly 65,000 unique visitors — not too much higher than Google at about 64,000”

    Should be millions – 65mio and 64mio respectively.

  • http://www.anexpertseo.com/ An Expert SEO

    Yes, I agree it is a very good report. Justconsumer thanks for the mio details.

  • http://www.thesofaandchair.co.uk/ Tom Goodwin

    Amused by the complexity of the Naver SERP

  • http://www.shop.graciousstore.com/ Gracious Store

    It is interesting how China is growing every sphere trying to gain dominance everywhere, just as Google has dorminanted the search

  • Cameron Smith

    It’s fascinating to me the international growth of social media and business in general – like how China has an above average social media reach… that blew me away! It’s important to know which search engines and social media are popular in which parts of the world for more effective marketing! Thanks for this awesome article.

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