• alcantaramedia

    Lmao, wow, great post. I’m surprised there was’t a cursor injection which spits out stars as you move it across the site. 

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    Welcome to Hawaii!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=2515354 Alya Yasamaya

    Hmmm…If sites like this still exist and rank…well maybe not all dinosaurs are extinct as well . :) 

  • http://twitter.com/SocialJulio Julio Fernandez

    wow… remember the “this site is best viewed with” message? Visit the bottom of the page    http://www.leisofhawaii.com/ for some of the crazy things we did in the late 90s. ~ Great post Chris

  • http://twitter.com/si1very Chris Silver Smith

    Thanks, Julio – I didn’t even mention everything that’s wrong about the page!  I tried to leave a few things unmentioned for people to discover if they browse through the page and its links…

  • http://www.facebook.com/San.Francisco.SEO Jonah Stein

    at the risk of outine someone, note the disaster preparedness link and the wedding photographer link at the bottom of the page.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/LRKGSMUZZSCQGDO5BRM5LGUK6Q NotA

    Hi, Chris,

    I laughed at the site design (where was the animated gif of the terrier chasing the butterly?), but respectfully disagree with your conclusion.

    Your contention that stringing flowers together on a string requires artistic chops is a stretch. It just requires commitment to a business that is probably often boring and not necessarily highly lucrative.

    A modern, hip design in this niche would make me think it was an affiliate marketer doing lead gen.  This site can’t be anything other than the original site of a business that’s been doing nothing but leis for at least 17 years (probably longer.)  The endless homepage with photos of every celebrity they ever greeted really sells that leis are their life, and is all they do.

    I wouldn’t hesitate to pick up the phone and hire them for an airport lei greeting.  I wouldn’t have the slightest doubt that they would do it well. 

    Would anyone?

  • cathydunham

    We can make jokes all days about the LOOK of the site. But shouldn’t the site’s performance (online conversions, landing page bounce rate, etc.) be shared with us before we could possibly give an informed opinion on whether this site should be “improved”? 

    My initial UX is that navigation is confusing. What do I click on? It was frustrating to scroll through many unrelated and distracting elements in an attempt to find out what they offer and how to order leis. I’m still not sure how to order them or what the costs might be…. 

    Where’s the research on their competitors’ sites? What do they look like? Are they easier to use? Or are they just as insane?

    Making a judgment here would be akin to voting on our next president based on physical appearance alone.

  • http://twitter.com/AMASinternet AMAS

    Hi Chris

    A great yarn, well told – while the animated email gif was there, we were half expecting an “Under construction” man digging a hole too.

  • TmWe

    This article is so misguided. I look for genuine and trustworthy sites in my search results.

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    Very funny.

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  • http://twitter.com/TheRealMrJesse Jesse Palmer

    I think domain age matters a lot more than people think. 

    One of my clients wonders why they’re always #2 behind a crummy site. Right now the only thing we don’t have over them is a decent domain age.

  • http://twitter.com/si1very Chris Silver Smith

    NotA, I think you may well not be an average consumer — in this case, the target market is probably tourists going to Hawaii. When I put on my “persona” as an average consumer looking to line up leis when I land there, I’m not at all impressed with the naivete of the site, even though that may communicate family-owned genuine honesty to you. The sales of mobile accessories on the page are an immediate red-flag, making it look spammier or untrustworthy for many consumers. There seem to be links to other questionable businesses as well, which further deteriorate the impression made.

    You make a very good point about the Wix site — I only pointed it out as a visual improvement, since I’d primarily criticized them in terms of their graphic design and content choices. Under those terms I do believe the Wix site is better. From a purely SEO standpoint, I wouldn’t recommend the Wix platform, either. But, the point of the article was not to advise that business how to improve their SEO, but instead to explain to their competitors and other local businesses across the US as to why their often-expensively designed sites may be performing poorly in rankings compared to sites with very bad visual designs.

    I think you’re right that they likely make money primarily from their sales of leis (if not associated limo rides from the airport), but the business category they are in is Florists, and there’s a definite association in the floristry business with signalling good design sense. As a consumer, if I’m looking for the best leis to greet me and my fiance at the airport, the oddball design would be extremely off-putting to me, damaging my trust in their quality, particularly if I compare with the competitor sites. I think their inclusion of implicit endorsements of celebrities is very good, and that’s about the best element (aside from keywords in text) that I can say about the page design.

    I believe the poor design likely damages the possible conversion rate significantly.

    I pointed out problems impairing some competitor sites’ performance in search as well. Graphic design is indeed not the only factor for longterm success, but for some industries in particular — floristry being one — it is important and influential in making a first impression and converting someone from research mode into becoming a customer. This site’s success is due to SEO factors, primarily — they are in an extremely vulnerable position because any of their competitors could address some of the factors I highlighted and they could potentially overtake them in search rankings.

  • SearchMarketingAgency

    Well, that might be ugly but check this one out 
    http://petersfm.com/  honestly the owner actually asked me how he could attract more visitors and monetise the site

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/LRKGSMUZZSCQGDO5BRM5LGUK6Q NotA

    Hi, Chris,

    No doubt the site could be vastly improved. But as an example, it feels like you’re taking easy shots at a weakling. Yeah, their site looks bad, but there’s nothing funny about someone’s life work.

    And despite its category; it’s not really a florist’s site. It’s a low-margin micro-niche business that exists only to serve HNL airport, which ultimately explains everything that’s wrong with the site (and with the competitors’ sites.)  All of these sites are DIY or were built by family members. There just isn’t enough money for anything else.

    As for their being in an extremely vulnerable position — I guess, but would a serious competitor want any part of this business?  It’s probably not a much better living than combing Waikiki beach with a metal detector.

    The main thing that bumped me in your piece was mentioning the new Wix site as an improvement. I’m sure they’ve heard for years that their site sucks, and Wix (free) is all they can afford.  They think they’re getting good advice, but they will be beside themselves if they lose their #1 (not an unlikely result).

    Anyway, I’d love to see you do this article on a vertical like “plumber Chicago.”  There would be fewer chuckles but more actionable info.

    Better yet, I’d like you to call this lei company and offer to fix their site for free.  Now THAT would be a case study!

    You won’t, though, as it would be hard work for no money.  And you might lose them their #1 anyway. 

    And then where would you be?

    It ain’t funny when it’s your life.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=535260227 Jeff Kean

    I wouldn’t trust these guys with someone else credit card let alone mine. Soon as I see a site like this it screams unprofessional and lazy. A high school student working for beer could have done a better job.

  • andrew mckim

    Chris, thanks a bunch. I just picked up a sweet collection of leis for only $375.00 

  • william meers

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