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    Another excellent post from Alan Rimm-Kaufman who is one of the best posters at searchengineland.com.

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    Great to see this post, Alan. I’ve had the pleasure of presenting on the topic at SES and I think it has huge importance. You were right on in pointing out that there is danger as well as risk in the tail phrases. My favorite example was a “city phrase” campaign we did for a large mortgage company that accidently included “Mobile Home Loans” (think: Mobile, Alabama). One other consideration is that the importance of the tail various greatly by industry. For example, in retail and real estate the tail phrases have much more relative volume than they do in financial services.

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    Great post Alan. You hit some of the bad tendencies of working with a large portfolios on the head.

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    For a debunking of much of the hype, read:


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    This is useful. Thank you. We spent some time analyzing the AOL data release and arrived at similar conclusions. We summarized this in a series of blog posts starting with:
    – The shape of search (http://www.nonlinear.ca/blog/index.php/2007/07/04/the-shape-of-search-and-our-analysis-of-the-aol-data-release/)
    – How people search, the law of thirds and search engine optimization