• http://www.statussocial.co.uk Martin Broadhurst

    The location search is lacking. That was one of the best features.

  • http://www.radionetherlands4u.nl/ Arne van Elk

    Check this screenshot of the old version: http://www.bigpictureweb.com/storage/advanced-twitter-search-9.png
    The main thing that’s missing in the new version is the date-option. About the location search: I checked about a month ago (new version was already available back then) and indeed, in my recollection the places option was missing. Now I do see the places option, but they skipped the ‘within this distance’-option. Which is a pity. Maybe it didn’t work?
    I also remember not seeing the ‘language’ filter, but now it’s there, so I could be wrong.

  • http://www.abdpromotions.com ABD

    Yes, I agree that the location search is lacking. I have been looking for the date option also. Still learning everyday about Twitter! Thanks for the post.