• http://www.louisgray.com louisgray

    Thanks for the videos, Danny. Was there any reason that the discussion around the incomplete search data from Twitter was held after the interview had concluded? While I hope Twitter Search can achieve its full potential, right now it is practically impossible to gain any data from more than 2 weeks or so ago, and some accounts, like @oprah, are not indexed at all.

    I have a great deal of expectation for what Twitter can become, and I know the team is close, but it would be fantastic if they would talk as openly about issues and communicate with users as they were with you here.

  • http://searchengineland.com/ Danny Sullivan

    Louis, I spoke with Biz last Thursday, I think a day before your post had come out. That’s the reason I didn’t get more into depth about the search problems. I’d noticed the glitches myself during the earthquake in Southern California the week before — that you couldn’t find tweets fresher than two hours old despite earthquake being a trending topic. But If figured it was a one-off thing at that time, not a continuing problem. After your post, I did a follow-up by email — and that’s the response I got about it.

  • henrymack

    Really good stuff here, particularly on search. Keyword search is interesting but contextual search is so much more useful. The only search engine that is doing contextual search and crawling tweeted URLs is TwitterJobSearch.com