• http://twitter.com/jhuman James Hu

    Nice post. I would add that using visual and real-time analytics provides a clearer intrepretation of the data. 

  • city model

    analytics report is so nice i like it..I read it and learn so much..Thank you..


  • city model

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    Yes, I think having both Analytic and campaign management tools give you a good picture of a campaign performance

  • http://twitter.com/mattchantry Matt Chantry

    We tended to find more of a 60/40 split on the <1 day time lag. We covered it here: www.screenpilot.com/blog/2012/04/an-introduction-to-multi-channel-analytics-for-hotels-resorts/

    The main issue I have with attribution models is that even when using the same methods (Like Google Analytics) you still have different parts of the same company using the data in different ways and using the type of attribution that makes them look best. It's important for companies to ensure all departments sing from the same hymn sheet.