• roopam.bahl


    A good article. Somthing i always talk about when i meet clients.

    However, one question. You said rankings dont always equal traffic. If you do not show in the first two pages of google, how can you hope to get any traffic from search engines? 80% people dont go beyond the first two pages.

    This is specifically for new companies. You can do all SEO possible with them but if they do not feature in the top two pages, they cannot hope to get any traffic as they do not even have an established brand.
    Pls clarify.


  • http://www.highrankings.com/newsletter/ Jill Whalen


    Rankings don’t always equal traffic because many people optimize and rank for the wrong phrases. They may be ones nobody is searching for, or they may be ones that bring traffic but do not convert.

    That said, there is certainly a correlation between the rankings of targeted keywords and the traffic you’ll get from them. Unfortunately, no 2 sets or rankings are the same these days. So while you may see a #1 position for a keyword phrase, I might not see it show up at all. Therefore, you can’t use it as an accurate metric.

    Hope this helps!

  • Josh Fleischmann

    Thanks for this piece, I really appreciate the specific steps you lay out in order to uncover the revelations in the keywords by entrance page report. Great way to validate my organic efforts and feel good about it!

  • http://souravsharma.com/blog/ srvwiz

    Jill, Nice post..

    But the tracking seems to go vague if you don’t tag your PPC campaign properly….trust me…I have been part of such instances where I have seen paid keywords coming under organic as they are all from yahoo and we are not good interms of tagging them so as to differentiate them with organic..


  • http://www.highrankings.com/newsletter/ Jill Whalen

    Yes, you would need to differentiate between any yahoo paid search and organic yahoo search, but my focus these days is typically google as most I work with don’t use Yahoo Search Marketing campaigns.

  • http://twitter.com/alfrules Tim Walker

    The problem with analytics is that unless you know who your visitors are; its just numbers. Our company started using a product known as Qbop (http://tw.qbop.com) and it shows you who is visiting and how often… it also shows which pages they view and how long… invaluable tool for salesmen.