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    You could also add as Android advantages that I would assume you would use and important to an extent:


    True Multitasking

    Flash (at least as an option, rendering ONLY on demand)

    Dual Core that the Charge has & next iPhone is rumored to have

    Wireless Syncing (iOS5 will finally catch up after several years)

    Better Notification Handling (iOS5 will directly copy from Android)

  • tracy4201

    This is one of the best and detailed analysis. My vote is still for Samsung as they have utilized the world class open source (Android) in the best way whether its tablet Pc or a smartphone they have done a great job. The great thing about Samsung droid is that its so user friendly and it has the eye catchy look.
    This year couple of players are ready to get their hands over the best operating system and willing to compete race of android devices Amazon.com & OziTechnology.com are one of the good example. Google has revolutionized the technology digits by providing the biggest OS for free.