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    You make some excellent points in this article and provide some solid advice – but as an Internet Psychologist I have to say what you have written about only scratches the surface of online behaviour in relation to landing pages. Studies show, for instance, that when people land on a page they make up their mind whether to stay or whether to click away in an average of 0.56 seconds. They make several judgements during that short space of time – including assessing whether the landing page is focused on their needs and desires and whether or not the page is trustworthy. Few businesses actually get anywhere near close to engaging with people psychologically online. I am sure you article will go some way to helping them do so.

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    Great point that a landing page needs to be buyer friendly. Optimizing for the search engines is important, but ultimately you need to appeal to the actual target audience member and include content that will eventually lead to a conversion. Keyword research is an extremely important part of the process, without the right keywords you may attract the wrong traffic, or no traffic at all.