• WillC

    I agree that it does look a lot better now, and the minor changes are certainly welcome. These are changes that everyone else has made already for the most part so I suppose it was long overdue for Yahoo. If Yahoo had indeed given up on search, I’m not sure why they would bother going through with the changes. This leads me to believe that they think they have something up their sleeve to contribute to the search race.
    We still can’t be 100 percent sure that this deal with Microsoft will go through, so Yahoo does need to have a plan B as far as maintaining a big big part of its huge brand. Like it was pointed out in this piece though, these changes aren’t ground breaking. So should we even care that these moves are being made? I’m anxious to see what moves Yahoo makes now, just as I am with Microsoft to see where Bing goes in the next year.
    Feel free to check out http://www.eZanga.com if you are interested in observing some of the lesser-known engines out there. It’s a very interesting time for search right now, so it’s a good time to see what all is out there.