Google rolls out previously announced ‘Landing Pages’ mobile assessment tool

Tab in new AdWords experience enables marketers to determine which individual URLs need to be fixed for mobile.

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Bad landing pages, especially on mobile devices, can kill conversions. There are high bounce rates if users can’t find desired information or the user experience is too cumbersome or slow.

To help advertisers improve mobile performance, Google announced a new Landing Pages tool at Google Marketing Next earlier this year. It’s designed to help marketers assess the mobile-friendliness of various URLs on their sites (as opposed to their entire sites). It is being rolled out in the next few weeks as a tab in the new AdWords experience.

As the graphic below illustrates, Landing Pages will identify site URLs that drive the most clicks/engagement. The tool also reports the Mobile-Friendly Click Rate (MFCR), which is the percentage of mobile clicks coming from smartphones that land on a mobile-friendly page.

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These reports will enable marketers to identify and prioritize which URLs need to be fixed. For example, if a page is driving a lot of clicks on the desktop but is not mobile-friendly, it needs to be addressed. The same is true for URLs generating  a lot of mobile clicks but with a low MFCR.

Landing Pages will show data on search, display and video campaigns. However, right now, the MFCR data is only available for search campaigns.

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