• http://www.brickmarketing.com/ Nick Stamoulis

    I feel like 2013 saw more changes to the world of SEO than in the last 10 years. The game has totally changed and the way we go about building and promoting our websites has to change as well. There are fewer and fewer “easy wins” to be had. You have to really invest for the long haul and focus on building your brand, your authority, and your online presence slowly and steadily overtime.

  • http://www.adamdince.com/ Adam Dince

    Great post, Jim. All great stuff! Though, still not sold on social signals (e.g., Tweets) boosting anything organic related outside of faster crawls and potential links.

  • http://www.mobiliodevelopment.com/ Peter Nikolow

    I agree – time to dominate on SERP with tons of backlins are OVER.

  • http://blackbirdesolutions.com Bryan Coe

    Nice to see someone that understands that SEO has “changed” and isn’t playing the “seo is dead” card.

  • http://blog.extra-paycheck.com/ Alex Sol

    Thank You for a great post, Jim.
    I do not follow all of the advice from this article but I have changed my ways in the past years… I actually started writing more for the reader and not for the almighty search engine and guess what – things started picking up!

    Yep, content is King. This is something that will stick ;)
    – Alex

  • http://creativerty.com/ Rob jH

    Great Write up thanks!

  • http://about.me/cbiggins Christian Biggins

    What an awesome post. Thanks Jim!

  • Guest

    Google Panda is taking a right decision when they think take action on low quality content looking at websites.

  • http://www.clippingpathindia.com/ Towab Muhammad Yusuf

    Google Panda is taking a right decision for low web content .

  • http://www.ematters.nl/ Arjan Bakker

    SEO has “evolved” is perhaps the better word for it

  • Shashank Gupta

    Great article Jim, its a long one, but worth every second of the reading time. I especially enjoyed the part about Bing. I feel Bing has been overshadowed by Google in past, however it has evolved tremendously in recent times. I have seen my clients share of traffic from Bing grow significantly in recent times. Bing is definitely something to watch out for.

  • http://www.freehealthcaretips.net/ Raviraj Tak

    SEO is changing and making it more adaptive in future. Jim your post on this topic is absolutely brilliant. Since the use of social media and mobile usage is growing we will be seeing some of the updates from Google for social signals and other promotional activities done to make use of social signals stronger for SEO benefit.

  • Andrea Bosoni

    It is true that SEO is changing, and I believe it is changing in the right direction, forcing all of us to raise the quality bar of our websites. Well done Google.

  • http://www.imspgh.com/ Pittsburgh SEO

    I’d tend to agree with Nick about the changes to SEO this past year. In fact, we’ve started moving away from providing “SEO” analytic reports to our clients each month and focus now more on “WPO” analytic reports. We still break things down by department, but we’ve added a summary sheet to show how we’re intertwining traditional SEO, content, social media, media and even development. I’d expect that 2014 is going to show an even faster pace in the evolution of SERP rankings. Thanks for all of the great information. As hard as I try to stay up on things, it seems I’ve got a bit of research to do to get back up to speed on certain things.

  • http://www.rigelnetworks.com/ Sawaram Suthar

    It is true.

  • http://keithcash.com/ Keith Cash

    I living and breath this everyday. Over the year I have seen most of what you are discussing in the article come true. All the changes that Google has applied has meant some weeks you have just let everything do its changes until the changes stop before you can check data accurately.

    Nice article.

  • Jim Yu

    Thanks for the comment, I agree, this is definitely a big shift in the market!

  • Jim Yu

    Thanks Rob!

  • Jim Yu

    thanks Christian, I’m glad you liked it.

  • Jim Yu

    I agree, a strong focus on content drives a better user experience & better marketing

  • Legendary SEO

    Very nice post. My Strategy for 2014 is usage, social signals, guest posting and good search metrics & good content :)
    2014 im waiting for you!

    Good luck in the serps!

  • Rachel D

    I think a lot of changes that were made, were definitely for the better, although Google Keyword Planner/Tool crackdown on keyword search for exact, broad and phrase, did throw a spanner in the works. SEO is definitely thriving, and I also think Social SEO is getting bigger and bigger!

  • http://www.coffy.com/ matt coffy

    This probably couldn’t get any better. Yes, SEO does constantly change and I appreciate how poor content is being taken action on. Thanks for this Jim!

  • Shital Bhalani

    after the google page rank update my website http://proresult.in went from PR 2 to PR0 but why i don’t know it…!

  • DanielPageASEO

    Jim, this is an awesome article. Thanks so much for posting it. We included it in our Monthly Resource Roundup: http://www.aseohosting.com/blog/2014/01/seo-content-marketing-and-social-media-the-best-of-december-2013/
    Cheers and good luck this year!