• http://www.fortworthtechs.com fortworthtechs

    Thanks for the info. I will have to review my Google Adwords campaign and add some longer keywords.

  • Mieszko – GoalGorilla

    Excellent ideas to make this data actionable, Ben.

    About “campaign cross-pollination”: my experience is that Google AdWords prevents longer keywords triggering ads by giving them the ‘Low search volume’ status (http://is.gd/4ZVXc). Any thoughts on this?

    Ps. Check out this SEOmoz article for a similar keyword segmenting approach: http://is.gd/4ZW2N

  • http://www.periscopix.co.uk Ben Gott

    Mieszko, I agree with you on the low search volume keywords, actually we think these are becoming more common, which is the opposite of what we might have expected.

    Far from allowing and rewarding more detailed, complex campaign design and management, Google seem to be edging towards fewer, broad match terms. This is backed up by what our AdWords reps tell us. We haven’t seen great results when moving in that direction so we’re sticking to our guns on the big long-tail campaigns!

    Thanks for the link, always enjoy what the guys at Distilled have to say.

    P.S come back next Friday I’ll be segmenting and using custom reports to analyse conversion rate by ad position on AdWords campaigns.