Unfortunately I have to use Explorer at work. First thing I do is change the default search to Bing. One annoying thing, is everytime we update our computers, Microsoft changes our homepage to MSN.com on Explorer. Still on 8 here.

  • Stupidscript

    Danny, far be it from me to question your data analysis, however I wish to point out what seems like a mis-calculation.

    Chitika found (among its users) a 52% MSIE adoption rate.

    Chitika also found (among its users) that 75% of Bing searchers used MSIE.

    The way I figure it … the 52% of web users who employ MSIE are doing 75% of the searches on Bing.

    You describe the 75% figure as being, “well above normal”, when you compared it to the 52% figure, which is an invalid comparison.

    One figure (75%) is users of Chitika’s services who surf Bing, and the other (52%) is Chitika users of the web, in general.

    There is no denying, though, that there are big differences between Bing and Google users. We have seen many in the way people search Bing when compared to Google, both in the terms used and in their intentions and responses to different messaging. It’s really two different societies. Thanks for the reminder!

  • http://www.AccessFirefox.org Ken Saunders

    I’m curious about what a comparison would look like before Bing was added to Firefox by default (4.0) and since then for both Google and Bing.

    That alone might make an interesting article.

  • Maria

    And to add to the competition, Microsoft is making it more and more difficult to add Google as default in IE. Not that you can’t do it, but to search, find and add Google is not straightforward although you can add Google search to ie directly from the plugin page.