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    i think images searches is not a big factor in seo.google provider the big tool for this if it is.

  • beulah752

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  • Chaoticblu

    Well, the good news is right now Bing Shopping still exists. You have to do a normal search to find it, or manually type in Bing.com/shopping but it’s there. I will take advantage of this as long as I can.

    I’m concerned the new Product Search will not be as efficient for shopping and price comparison. I do not like the idea of combining a general search with shopping results, as it will make the search results seemed cluttered and some will be irrelevant. With actual shopping results , you normally see images of the product, price , and the name and link of the merchant selling it. Simple and clean. And this is what I want and is why I choose the “shopping” option/filter when I use a search engine.I want to filter out the ‘general’ results, that may include irrelevant web sites, one’s that don’t even sell the desired product (such as a blog discussing the product but not selling it ). Or even if they do, I find it MUCH easier to browse different merchants and prices in one place.

    I do see that the image of what the new search will look like does show pictures of the example product being searched for along with prices and merchant. However I’m just wondering if there will be enough of these results, and if you will have to sift through many search pages to find them all, if they are only displayed at the top and sides of the page.

    I do not have a favorable opinion of this search results merger from the photo and little info that was given here, but I will try it when it comes out. I should note I am speaking from a consumer perspective. I skimmed the “Product Ads” and “Rich Captions” sections of this article as they seemed geared towards merchants.

  • Bring Back Bill Gates!

    The last great thing Microsoft came out with was windows XP, after that the only thing they are known for nowadays is screwing things up and making products fail left and right. This is just another verzion of their Zune Player, Windows 8, etc. Microsoft spins everything off into a billion directions with out any vision anymore! Instead of making things easier for the comsumer and business owner, they try to con people into thinking they know whats best when they dont. The days of XP we nodded our heads and said great job. Now we are shacking that same head. Windows Mobile 6.5 great, after that EEEK. Windows XP great, Window 8 dont get anyone started, the Zune! oh boy! You got too big and thought you were kings only to be quickly thrown off the throne and now your running around still wondering if your still on that thrown. The Bill Gates days were the Golden years! We’re a microsoft fan, but now we’re not so sure!

  • Bring Back Bill Gates!

    As far as this new format? The free search results are no were to be found. We’ve submitted a new product feed under the “free” format and there arent any search results from anyone. Do a search for a Dell part, nothing, not even EBay is listed in the new format.
    Microsoft had the opportinuty to take a stand against Google and separate themselves as a company for the people. But instead they just followed right behind Google’s foot steps and got greedy. Like everything else that Microsoft has come out since XP, this new Bing Shopping is going to blow up in their faces, like everything esle has.
    This new Product Search is going to flop BIG TIME! You need search comparision, not this screwed up format. Do what Google does period! Not this format!

  • bill watson

    back to google… arggh