• Serge Borodin

    Danny, you do realize that Google and Bing are completely different services yet compete in the same field. Bing is not just a search engine like Google, its a decision engine that uses 3rd party services to calculate and present the most relevant results possible. If user wants just a pile of links then they should use Google, but if they want to to use the web services on a single web page that’s what Bing does. Therefore you can’t really compare them side by side like you just did in this article, both services do completely different things despite public perception that both Google and Bing are just search engines.

  • http://www.coldfireinc.com A.G.

    totally agree with serge borodin. google and bing are totally different from each other. optimization process is also different. there’s one thing i have noticed that you said, google uses third party site’s can you elaborate a bit on that?.

    thanks for the article anyway.

  • joex2

    You are Google’s lawyers? This site always defend Google. Pathetic.

  • T.M.

    Would you draw the line if Google begins to develop content that supports one political candidate over another?

    Till that point, is it ok for Google to unfairly compete? (…assuming knowing all about getting good search results when the other company doesn’t is unfair) and at least in some cases, put media it doesn;t own out of business?

    This has actually happened to some very large media companies – at least on the internet. Is television the next target?

    How can this be in anyone’s – including Google’s – best interest?

  • http://www.stareclips.com/?twitter Bob Bigellow

    I vomited a little in my mouth when I heard a common user call Bing a “decision engine” not a “search engine”. You can’t really believe that. I really really hope that’s just coming from a Microsoft shill, because then it will be forgivable. Coming from anyone else just wreaks of brainwashing through marketing.

    Calling Bing a “Decision engine” is just an advertising campaign and nothing more. It’s really just a search engine with a bunch of vertical add-nos. If that’s enough to call Google a “decision engine”, then Google has been this well before Bing ever existed. Google has had the One Box for years and the One Box has always been about giving people more powerful and interactive results for certain types of searches.

    Wolfram Alpha takes this concept to an extreme in that their search engine pretty much just consists of a giant One Box that can handle tons of queries. Google has always been the best to help people find information across the vastness of the Internet, but has had various One Boxes throughout the years. They also provide direct answers to simple questions in some cases.

    So, to come out and say Bing and Google are “different” because Bing is a “decision engine” and Google is just a “search engine” should make anyone but pure marketers cringe in pain. It would have been like calling AOL Keywords as the true search engine of the Internet. {facepalm}

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kaled-Soliman/100001257640581 Kaled Soliman

    in the last days kayak do a partnership with bing where if you did a search for a flight or hotel on bing they will grab the data from kayak server which makes bing lose its search functionality on the travel field and as i see that there is more new travel search engines appers on the scene like http://www.travelfox.com they can do search in more websites and arlines than the bing and kayak do 

  • Lionel Thiha

    S. Borodin. Why google can’t change and upgrade itself to be decision engine? You means google should struck with its year 2000s’ services and methods , while others grow and beat him.  Google is evolving to be decision engine and it is its stated goal from the start. “To organize world’s information”.