• http://www.seobythesea.com/ Bill Slawski

    Facebook was launched in February 2004. As mentioned, this patent was filed in October of that year. It would thus appear that Facebook has been thinking about search from the very beginning.

    Except for the fact that the patent originated with Friendster, and isn’t recorded as being assigned to Facebook until June of 2010. :)

  • http://www.seobythesea.com/ Bill Slawski

    If you want to avoid the confusion over the name of this particular patent, see the related patent granted in August of last year:

    Ranking search results based on the frequency of clicks on the search results by members of a social network who are within a predetermined degree of separation (US Patent 7,788,260)

    There really isn’t a whole lot of difference between the two, but at least this other one has a title that matches better the concept of social search.

  • http://screenwerk.com Greg Sterling

    Thanks Bill for clarifying

  • rburns

    Citation indexing?

  • http://www.cashkingz.com Clayton

    Who is to say what qualifies as a social network.

    Isn’t the whole web one social network so then wouldn’t any kind analyzing click through ratio to modify served results be breaking this patent?