• http://www.marcinwsol.pl Marcin Wsół

    Ginny, nice post. It’s very interesting feature in Google Analytics remarketing list, but I’m afraid that Smart Lista can be powered by conversions which aren’t set right in Google Analytics goal section. Then new automatic list will not based on reliable data.

  • http://webtalkerz.com/ Vishwajeet Kumar

    Thanks for this great post. Really very helpful thing Google has started.

  • $28332620

    “automatically manages the remarketing campaigns in AdWords” – Perfect!

  • Dan Stone

    That’s a good point Marcin. Goals are used inconsistently and so are an unreliable signal for learning, which is why we use only transactions.

  • http://www.tone.co.uk/ Anthony

    will this work for Universal Analytics?

  • Dan Stone
  • Diarmuid O’Riordan

    Hey Ginny. I may be misreading this, but when you say “Smart Lists are primarily powered by all that anonymized conversion data that comes from the millions of Google Analytics-enabled sites opted-in to share data with the company.” does that mean Google will use user data from other sites to help build lists? As well as your own site analytics data. Diarmuid