• http://DonnieCooper.com Donnie Cooper

    Hey Danny,
    What do you think the odds are they will release automatic updating of search results?


  • msweeny

    I am with Barry and think that it is an even money bet the announcement is about HTML 5 and stuffing more diverse results on page 1 to combat the fossilized PR.

  • http://www.mynextcustomer.com George Revutsky

    Hi Danny – I think this will actually be a big deal revenue-wise for Google.

    Automatic results = more head and less long-tail searches = faster search completion = revenue acceleration. (faster time to click).

    Also potentially not a good thing for sophisticated long-tail ppc advertisers who will potentially see less long tail keywords triggered.

    and for advertisers. Read my comment on it here http://selnd.com/bVJ6S9

  • http://www.twitter.com/GregBogdan Greg Bogdan

    Live blogging link?

  • http://DonnieCooper.com Donnie Cooper
  • http://DonnieCooper.com Donnie Cooper

    Sorry, I didn’t mean to include the URL parameters