• treb072410

    Thanks for sharing! It was a very good read!

  • Steve Plimmer

    There’s also the issue that stats like “Tablet to Computer” are not actionable in AdWords. It’s fantastic to have all this stuff broken down and reasonably accurately estimated but if you can do precisely nothing about some of it, it becomes redundant. If we could have a few more levers to pull to match this sort of information, that would be brilliant.

  • Daniel Benny Simanjuntak

    Thank you for the informative post and explanation on the new parameter. It is great that Google recognizes the issue where people have the tendency to use numerous platforms nowadays to browse the net and purchase items.

  • Kimmie

    That would be nice if Google starts thinking to differentiate between tablet and computer bid price.

  • Andrew Goodman

    I’m surprised that Google would stoop to “estimates” that are simply based on models. Generally speaking, most of us know how to adjust directionally to take account of estimated but unseen activity. We’ll be impressed when we see the real data. And on that note… if Google can use data from “a sample” of logged-in users on multiple devices, then they are driving towards providing all that data.