• Thomas

    i want the google hand shirt :/ for lefties.

  • http://www.priyachandra.com Priya Chandra

    Given it’s April Fool’s Day here in Oz, I’m quite pleased to be getting the jokes on the actual day! :)
    I’m assuming the GMail ‘Shelfie’ theme is also a joke?

  • http://receivetipstricks.com/ mrinal

    This is good but Last year google nose was better,

  • suchim11

    Google seems to be having fun with PPC ads too as they have launch something call ” let your ads take flight with AdBirds” lol!

  • Clifford Rohde

    I thought the latest Google effort at philanthropy may have been a prank. http://goatcloud.com/2014/03/31/google-buys-each-bitcoin-to-rename-and-distribute-to-public-in-nyc/

  • RohanKandwal

    There are lots more Google pranks, see this list http://www.itcse.com/2014/04/all-of-google-jokes-for-april-fools-day-2014/

  • http://optilocal.org Nevyana Karakasheva

    I agree with you on the Shelfies prank – it’s not fun at all, rather disappointing actually. But the Japanese joke and especially the mobile version of their “new gadget” is awesome:)

    It seems that save from David Hasselhoff’s photobomb you could trigger his words of wisdom to your post in G+ (according to Yonatan Zunger).

  • Anna Nerezova

    The new data-less Google Analytics Academy is up :) https://analyticsacademy.withgoogle.com/course20140401/course

  • John Travis

    Real Bird Advertising Company Sets Record Straight About Google’s AdBirds April Fool’s Prank: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B2KS1ZMvwLQ

  • Arron Chase

    Chrome on android has a “translate to emoji” option :)

  • Lisa

    The AdWords one just says something after typing it in but the ad doesn’t initiate as it isn’t real so no worries about doing something to your account.

  • Roger Tyson

    “When April Fool’s Turns Tragic”

    Sure, it’s all fun and games…


    …until somebody REALLY gets hurt!

    [Note: The above is actually a 1 minute COMEDY video!]

  • Albert Bodenhamer
  • Grant Simmons

    This was quite good… and coming to Google Docs soon! :-)

  • http://promored.ru/ Kristina

    Hey! I still wonder what happens after Google “AdBirds” are submitted?!

  • Pat Grady

    I loved the Google Analytics one! Data-less Decision Making!