• Andy

    That video is beyond useless with it’s awful audio. Whose idea was it to use a Google+ hangout to record it? A smartphone could have done a better job!

  • Ben

    Haha, I thought the same thing when I tried to watch it. I was hoping SEL would have separated it into clips for their individual articles, but I was wrong. I just really wanted to see the part on structured data dashboard. I guess I will search elsewhere for that clip.

  • Andy

    Yeah, given the type of event I would have thought they’d split it up and use a decent camera. Or maybe I’m just expecting too much? =)

  • http://www.rustybrick.com/barry Barry Schwartz

    We took other videos but this is what is available right now. Editing takes time and everyone is busy running the SMX show.

    Use my text recaps instead.

    When we edit it, we will post better quality video.

  • Ben

    Thanks Barry. I listened the whole thing anyway while doing my morning reading and research.

  • http://www.yodelay.com Duncan Johnson

    Google dance is back woohoo

    We saw a hit round about Penguin 2 and were scratching our heads why some of our terms were hit. Within 10 days however they came back… I’m now thinking there was a Panda overlaying a Penguin… Blimey no euphemism intended, this could get ugly

    The mobile site speed is a truly exciting exposé… We’re pushing this hard onto all our customers now. 

    Don’t worry about the video Barry, we can hear it, that’s good enough ;o)


  • http://onreact.us/ Tad Chef

    Wow, he announces 4 (new) penalties. How cool is that! Even more shattered businesses!

  • Guy E

    When’s the better quality video being uploaded?

  • ebokalsel

    Well, i think Google has bigger “user” than a government does. Social responsibility is a must from this point of view

  • Jennifer Agrazada-Schreiner

    I agree with you from that angle. However, private companies can control their communication transparency level to protect their business, which the government supports because they help the economy. We’ll have to rely on Google’s conscience on this.
    Come to think of it, the government also owes us transparency. But then again…hello?

  • John Cisco

    While the government is supposed be of the people for the people. Google is only for shareholders, they have legislated social responsibility beyond that they have none when it comes to telling you the ins and outs of their trade secrets.

    Furthermore, total transparency will just result in SEO’s gaming the system, it happens anytime you put a metric that has a reward associated with it. Think about employee bonusing and what not, people always find away to get the most cash for the least work, even if they involves doing enough only to appear to meet the minimum to obtain the reward.

    However I think perhaps you misunderstand googles real relationship with you, it is not Social. You are in business together, and if they are penalizing you for something. Well I think yes It is right to know exactly what it is for.

    Far too many businesses and in my experience the financial industry refuse to tell you why things happen as they do. And it erks me to all hell to have someone like google issue a penalty and with all their computing power and algorithms be unable to tell you as a courtesy what you did wrong.

    Act in good faith google, not hostile to your biggest fans.