• http://bibianowenceslao.com/ Bibiano Wenceslao

    Succinct checklist, Julie. There are a must in measuring a website’s value, not just as you see it now, but it’s future potential as well.

    Do you know of a way to see/know a site’s estimated traffic growth over time from the outside (you have no access to)?

    Evernoted for future reference!

  • Koyna Sen

    Julie, your writing is quite constructive and informative as well and has truly touched my heart. I truly appreciate the points that you have accounted in evaluating the value of a website, since nowadays the number of spammed websites have increased significantly. However, I feel that links are essential to check the credibility of websites, especially back links. Again, not only the number of back links, but also the quality of back links that does matter.

  • juliejoyce

    Alexa shows search traffic over time but from my experience it can be inaccurate.

  • Andy Parr

    Julie, Some healthy debate for you.
    1. What use are metrics like ‘ten comments’ when the blog may be so niche it isn’t going to generate that much. Using random targets like that are kinda useless without taking account of the industry/niche the blog is in. For me audience is more important than amount of activity.
    2. Finishing the article saying ‘ there’s no foolproof way…’ kinda negates the whole point of the article.
    3. While I appreciate links are important, the fact we want them is enough without making life difficult targeting sites that are so small and putting in a criteria to measure them . The time involved kinda defeats the whole object. ie the weight of the link versus the time/effort to secure it.



  • Muhammad Nasir Khan

    Julie, I think we must look at few more points before getting backlink from any website like check already placed links that whether they are relevant to your targeted link or not (for Co-citation), number of external links, and also the page rank of internal pages, what you say?

  • juliejoyce

    That’s the whole point of the article…there is no foolproof way to judge a site’s future. I’m simply trying to give out the things I look for in order to help judge it. Even if I did think I could list 5 definite metrics that would say “this site will still be fantastic next year” I can’t take into account any changes that Google might make that will affect the site, nor can I take into account whether it gets sold, whether the webmaster gets sick and stops doing anything new, whether they decide to hire a spammy SEO company to throw up some link networks, etc.

    I can also say that almost every case is different, and I can look at a site and see something awesome that no one else in my office sees. We’ve been trying to figure out how to better analyze newer sites that don’t come with a PR 7 homepage, loads of great authority links, and a very visible brand that’s popular and shown everywhere. These are the things that we look for in order to help us make the call as to whether a newer site without those benefits will be one that we want to work with.

  • Swaran Jit

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  • juliejoyce

    Absolutely…that’s what I meant by this section: “What type of links do they have? Some new sites may make the mistake of taking shortcuts and trying to get networked links up, or just spam a ton of free directories. If the link profile is already suspect, it might not get any better.”

  • Muhammad Nasir Khan

    I have also experienced some sites which have PR7 or PR8 but their internal pages are not ranked, to my knowledge, Paid Link provider sites buy high PR expired domains on godaddy.com.

  • HemanthMalli

    Nice read !! Informative post on evaluating a website and how to get backlinks !!