• http://www.facebook.com/knjbjb Muhammad Osama Hussain

    penguin update is algorithm change that’s not a manual action so I think reconsideration request is wasting of time ! just follow the guidelines, remove all the spammy tactics and they’d think about it.

  • Colby

    Sometimes the shady links come up as 403/Forbidden or the browser could not connect with the site (which is different from a 404/Page Not Found error). Using something like Lynx viewer allows you to see the domain and what is going on, which often reveals some kind of cloaking. Those are good ones to go after first.

  • SardoodledomSoap59
  • Adeel

    how to remove links on auto comments posting sites? its a impossible task of removing links.!! and its the real spamming as well.

  • http://www.authoritybuzz.com/ Authority Buzz

    Is removing crappy links worth the effort? Wouldn’t time be better well spent focusing on building quality links?

  • Sydney Liang

    “If you bought it from a link wheel or paid network, that’s easy: Just stop paying for it.”
    >> Yes, But still the links would be there.

  • Peter Kern

    This is the worst idea to do, remove links. haha Don’t you see what G is trying to do? They want to destroy SEO. They want people think that link building do more harm than it helps. How can you remove thousands of spammy links? Would you spend days, months doing it? It would be the worst you can do. G has no idea how to rank websites anymore. They started this fight with SEO so people use only adwords.

  • https://twitter.com/sanketpatel Sanket Patel

    I think Google webmaster guidelines are more releible for removing unnatural links, we all know about it and after penguine panelties every one avoid unnatural techniques of SEO.

  • Peter Kern

    so what is your natural way of link building :) because link building is mostly unnatural :)

  • http://twitter.com/MeShailender Shailender Kumar

    Is there any free tool to check all spammy and quality inboud links on your website?

  • http://twitter.com/RavindSandhu Rav Sandhu

    As usual, another fluff article by SEL. In other words, find the bad links and email the webmaster. In the real world, webmasters don’t reply and link wheels are never paid for monthly. Reality is, your’e screwed. In my experience, Google is looking for you to remove a min of 1000 links (varies on site size). My advice is, do a 301 or just buy a new domain! Other option is, identify all the links which are not linking to the root and kill them pages. Create a new page and let the old one 404.

  • Zach Kong

    Personally, I think it boils down to the ratio of unnatural links vs relevant links from high authority pages. Sometimes, removing those unnatural links can be as tedious, if not more tedious and time consuming than building links.

    Therefore, instead of investing the time and effort to track and find ways to remove the links, won’t it be better to redirect those effort into building other more relevant links?

  • victortuszing

    I agree and you have right about the wasted time if you try removing the links, especially in large amounts. Furthermore, there is NO GUARANTEE that Google will lift the sanction. Actually, I’m speaking from experience – I removed all links from blogs, syndicated articles and links exchanges, and nothing positive happened…And I made this for TENS of sites…So, Google will NOT FORGIVE you because it doesn’t have any interest in this direction – the purpose of this mascaraed masked in fight against spamming is to oblige millions of small businesses to buy advertising via Google AdWords!

  • victortuszing

    Again, you have right – read my reply above.

  • victortuszing

    Excellent response!

  • http://www.facebook.com/prime.veraquine Prime Veraquine

    Buy a new domain? That is the worst idea, if you happen to own business.com for example will you throw away that multi-million name? I don’t think so!

  • http://sharecodeweb.com/ Share code web

    Good article. Thanks