• http://www.QrArts.com Patrick Donnelly

    Thank you.

    Its quite refreshing to read a QR article from a data SEM perspective rather then UX. I always enjoy seeing a new side of things.

    Patrick Donnelly, QrArts.com

  • http://digitalwindsmedia.com Dave Goodwin

    This is a great article. I suggest using shortened URLs from a public service despite the drawbacks because they fit near the printed QR code and have the tracking features you mentioned. Most small businesses are not going to need heavy-weight analytics integration.

    We’ll have to see how the branding issue plays out with the publicly shortened URLs. Although there is no branding in “bit.ly/random” it is going to be printed on something that probably is branded.

  • http://www.convonix.com/ Shreyas

    Wow! What a unique perspective on URL promotion! I can imagine the amount of coding that will go into designing QR codes for each individual URL.