• Adrien Bayles

    The only interest in this update is for Google to raise CPCs and get more clicks (get more money), as you mentionned in this article.

    The pain is that Google speaks a LOT about user XP, but acts only in its own interest… To sum up : “Do what I say, not what I do”.

  • MikeInEdmonton

    Great article Larry. I appreciate the way you broke it down into segments. Also had a few laughs throughout the article.

  • http://www.miamisocialcon.com/ Karla Campos

    Larry Kim! How is Boston? Thanks for the translations, I like your version better than Google’s : )

  • http://www.miamisocialcon.com/ Karla Campos

    Larry Kim! How is Boston? Thanks for the translations, I like your version better than Google’s : )

  • http://www.myjapanesegreentea.com/ Ricardo Caicedo

    Thanks for the explanation. There’s something I don’t understand, though.
    How’s the quality score determined?

  • Larry Kim

    hi karla! was great to meet you at the conference!

  • Larry Kim

    ha thanks. just trying to be interesting. translations are not meant to be taken literally. glad u got a laugh from it.

  • Larry Kim
  • Brad Hintze

    Larry, thanks for helping us digest the changes. AdWords just keeps getting more and more competitive.

  • http://www.booot.co.il/ שוקי מן

    I don’t know if the reason is JUST more money.
    I think that the the search habits changed and more extensions equals more relevance for the users.

    Don’t forget that if Google can’t bring the users relevance ads – the users won’t click no matter what extensions you put there.

  • http://www.themadvideo.com/ Harshad Bendle, The Mad Video

    Hi Larry… thank you for breaking it down for us… I’m getting a feeling that without ad extensions my ad rank will go down. But for my company I don’t feel extensions are relevant. I don’t want to make up some extensions just to get higher rank and not be relevant for users, but also dont want to get lower ranking… What’s your view on this?

  • Aaron Levy

    Great post Larry, and makes a ton of sense (especially from a “Google Stock” perspective). Make more people click on ads, make position one more important, make more money!

    Guess we gotta focus more on LP’s now?

  • http://www.boostedseo.com/ Andrew Mucci

    Looks like it time to get to work! Google always keeping us busy lol. Thanks for the info

  • David Binninger

    “you should really be leveraging every relevant ad extension possible in your ads”

    I thought it is only possible to use one ad extension in a time?

  • Ryan

    I agree with you but at a broader level.

    Google IS obsessed with UX and wants to give searchers answers now instead of requiring them to click a blue link. That’s so 1999.

    The AdWords team is like, okay, let’s roll with it. We’ll make our ads more useful with these sweet extensions.

    I think their end goal is to make ads and answers from the knowledge graph so useful that organic results become backfill just in case they don’t have a good answer.

    Think about that for second. That’s a huge departure from 3 or 5 years ago. At that time, it was more “how can we put ads on the search page without pissing off searchers.” and the primary thing on the search page was organic results … by far.

    Answers from Knowledge Graph and Ads are the new Google Search Results. Get on board or be left behind. SEOs, you’ve been relegated to the equivalent or remnant ad space … a.k.a unlucrative ad space.

  • Larry Kim

    it certainly does!

  • Larry Kim

    there are so many extensions – one of the basic ones i would suggest using is a sitelink extension at the very minimum.

  • Larry Kim

    google will show many extensions simultaneously (eg: call extension + sitelink extensions, etc.)

  • David Binninger

    Thank you Larry I did not now that. Is there any (official) list of which extensions can be shown together?

  • Larry Kim

    yes – good point! you’ll need more landing pages… one for every sitelink plus a different one for the headline (relatively new policy announced earlier this year).

  • Sunny Kumar

    A very useful article and i like the way you described . But can anybody suggest on basis of these factors what are the best practices for better ROI on our PPC adword.

  • http://www.themadvideo.com/ Harshad Bendle, The Mad Video

    Thanks Larry! I will make the change and see if I see any positive effects… will keep you posted…

  • http://www.eBizROI.com Rick Noel, eBiz ROI, Inc.

    I am by no means an SEO purist, not even close. In fact, I am one of those rare Internet marketers that consider PPC an inbound tactic. That said, let’s not forget that 85% of click are on organic results. Even if that is being eroded over time by ad extensions, PLAs, etc. and even though many of those clicks are for informational or navigational queries, it may be a bit off base to equate organic SERPs to remnant inventory.

    Great post by the way Larry. Snarky indeed :)

  • Han Gao

    Nice analysis which enlightened me so much, however I want to know, in which case our ad extension description will be shown?