• http://www.pagerank-seo.com Robert Visser

    While there may be lingering questions on an ecommerce site where a product category or product search returns hundreds of items, but in general I’d suggest paginating content across tabs. I’d also suggest usability will improve if each tab is bookmarkable and the back & forward browser buttons are enabled. One of the questions that arises is when users have an option to vary the number of items returned per page effecting the number of paginated tabs (and therefore the number of bookmarkable tabs). Such a scenario would also raise a question if individual bookmarked tabs began to be returned in SERPs.

    Regardless of whether the need for pagination is too many products in a particular listing or a multipage article, as we increasing move to mobile devices (phones or tablets) and the UX is touch enabled scrolling between paginated tabs (or pages), questions on how to best handle volumes of content will increasingly be center stage.

  • Vahe Arabian

    Similar to blog posts, I would have thought to use an extension or plugin to render content duplication issues by:

    * Optionally adding page numbers to category and archive listing page titles.
    * Adding excerpts to listings on page numbers greater than 1.
    * Show date associated with first post of every page link for easy navigation.
    * Redirecting users to link to the main product category page or item, rather than the page number itself.

    Also add product microdata to uniquely tag each product accordingly – http://schema.org/Product

  • http://www.blizzardinternet.com Carrie Hill

    hey Eric,

    Maile indicated that if you had a “view all” page you could rel=canonical to the view all page – do you think that’s a sound strategy? Did I misunderstand what she was saying?

    The one drawback is if the “view all” page lists hundreds of products – then maybe not as effective…..I’m thinking something like this would work quite effectively w/ max 30 rooms/units on a hotel or vacation rental site.

  • http://ItsTheROI.com Jonahstein

    With the articles example I think you left out the third alternative, which is to the paginated article to a “view all” version of the story and allowing search visitors to see a non-paginated version. For users who click internal links on the sit we personalize the content to a paginated version of the article.

    You can’t really talk about article pagination without also looking at archiving and crawl structure. The truth is that MANY sites do a terrible job of archiving their old articles. Take Gizmodo, for example. Their pagination at the bottom goes 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 .. 100. Articles that hit page 8 of the pagination and where ranking highly essentially disappear from SERP until they hit page 100 of the pagination.

  • http://www.jaapwillem.com Jaap Willem

    And what about if you put rel=canonical to the other pages, referring to page 1? You don’t insert no-index or no-follow, just the canonical.. any ideas about that?

  • http://www.jaapwillem.com Jaap Willem

    ok, that post was totally irrelevant… answered in the blog.. sorry about that.. I go stand in the corner right now