• http://www.pattonwebz.com/ William Patton

    You shouldn’t have been spamming then :p

  • Sagbee C

    Some Social activity, guestposts { but those were nice }, and buffer sites strategy. But it will be sooner to get in the results since some of pages are getting back but yet many pages getting unindexed so we will see wait one more week to understand whole situation.

  • http://www.merchantprocessingresource.com/ Sean Murray

    I am still seeing sites bounce around like crazy. I don’t think the dust has settled yet.

  • timesate

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  • pintu

    pls tell me how do work on blogger

  • Shirish Agarwal

    Google says only 2.3% of queries should get affected but really, it’s much more than that.

    I have compiled a list of Penguin 2.0 related posts from the web which might
    be useful for those looking for more info on the update:

  • Laurean Vincent

    Matt, Thanks for the fantastic video and article! Very easy to follow and definitely some clear take-aways to instruct my clients on. Keep em coming.

  • Babur Schehzad
  • Diana Lynnwood

    Well no matter what will happen to other site but quality sites which have content and quality link base are safe the only hit by them is low quality. focus on quality guys. There will be more updates in future.