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    What do you think about WordPress as a CMS?

  • bigredsfo

    Eric, can you recommend a couple? Thanks.

  • coffeegroup

    Yes, recommendations? We use Joomla! and Drupal on our sites. What’s your take on those two?

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    Great Article. We had many clients who couldn’t implement any of our SEO recommendations, because of the limitations with their CMS. Some of the Content Management Systems, cannot event handle URL rewriting and don’t allow you to change the header tags, or alt tags.

    I think the best thing to do, is to build your own CMS and make sure an SEO Expert is involved in the process from the beginning.

  • llitwinka

    What an excellent post– I couldn’t agree more. I work with a web development company that has created its own SEO Friendly CMS, and as I was reading through your article I was excited to see that our CMS complies with many of the points you thoughtfully outline.

    I invite you to check out the article
    I wrote in response to “Choose Your CMS With Care,” and if you’re interested, check out the Part II piece I wrote exploring our SEO Friendly CMS: