• Koby Wong

    Make sure to use information like this to your advantage. In other words, if you’re in the online marketng industry, focus your efforts on homing your skills where businesses are spending dollars.

  • http://socialdentalnetwork.com Chris

    I must have really wanted to comment on this one…changing pw, updating profile…whew, I need a break!

    Just wanted to second the closing point made, its like a phase 1 deal – ‘we have it set up, now what.’

    Good takeaway is how that gap you pointed out probably represents more opportunity (for marketers and SMBs alike) when it comes to social media success.

  • http://lauraorban.com Laura Orban

    Interesting article. If a company spent money on an ad on Facebook, did that count as a banner ad or as social media marketing? I’m curious to know what is being counted in the SMM spend head count, tools, consulting, etc).

  • gbfhsghtr

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