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    Thank you for your post on how to optimize branding efforts on the web for small businesses. I’m already looking forward to your post on how to stretch keyword dollars in your upcoming follow-up post to this piece. As this topic is right on target for my audience, I cross-posted on your piece, along with some comments, to http://blog.innovators-network.org
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    I’m rolling out the online rebrand for a big online business for ppc and seo ‘channels’ and in my experience brand is reassuring, but it cant replace a decent tag line and solid set of ‘reassurance cues’ that a big brand isnt necessarily going to give if they soley rely on their ‘good name’

    In respect to smaller brands, I have found that since internet is fundamentally about utility, value and often a good name is built from simple things like user testamonials (ebay is a great example) or any number of comparison shoppping with with sufficient numbers of trustyed reviews.

    The catch is that to build a big brand in the traditional sense genrally takes lots of resource. and the customer ultimately has to pay for that resource, hence there is often far less value for a ‘trusted branded product or service’ then from some random (but trusted company working out of a big shed in some low rent industrial estate offering great value.

  • http://joeduck.wordpress.com Joe Duck

    Wow, you lost me at “easy button” which I see as a silly big brand campaign rather than a sales tactic for the buttons.

    I’d suggest that small business branding is almost always a waste of time and money. Unlike big biz where potential customers are a significant percentage o the total population, small businesses would do best to work for highly targeted placement of highly relevant content and ads more than trying to get people to recognize their name or logo.