Andrew Goodman

Andrew Goodman is founder and President of Toronto-based Page Zero Media, a full-service agency obsessed with PPC performance since 2002. Current clients include, Princess Auto, and Andrew wrote 2 editions of Winning Results With Google AdWords (McGraw-Hill), a pioneering book on PPC strategy and tactics. He continues to speak regularly at SMX and other events. He was also an adviser to (and later, co-founder of) a consumer review startup, Toronto-based HomeStars, acquired by HomeAdvisor in 2017.


High-Priced Talent Letting You Down? PPC Moneyball Revisited

As the summer weather haltingly makes its appearance in my neck of the woods, thoughts turn to on-base averages, fielding percentages and all of that Moneyball stuff. My theme for this column is the woeful underperformance of the team known as the Toronto Blue Jays. Despite a wave of off-season signings and by far the […]


Attribution Wars: A Plea For Small-e Enlightenment (Part 2)

Pssst. Over there, next to the purple wing chair. Behind the foosball table and just beyond the 2002 vintage lava lamps. It’s a gaggle of digital marketers, munching on Pez, and screaming at the unfortunate Fortune 500 brand CEO who made the mistake of visiting this digital agency’s hip warehouse space conveniently located just steps […]


Attribution Wars: In Defense Of The Last Click (Part I)

I went to a party last week. It was put on by a big online player, mainly to thank agencies who buy large gobs of display ads for their clients. And strangely, one of the hosts began apologizing to me (over the gurgling sounds of me thanking him for the free drink—how they let me […]


Seven Compelling Reasons That Now Is The Time To Ramp Up Paid Search

Paid search accounts for about 50% of all digital advertising spending today in most major markets, give or take 10% (the UK clocks in as one of the most impressive English-speaking markets for paid search, clocking in at 58% of digital spend, according to econsultancy). For we diehards, the reasons for running paid search campaigns are […]


Google’s Bid Simulator Tool: So Transparent, It’s Deflationary?

Over the years, we’ve counseled advertisers to be wary of certain inflationary tendencies that are built into the very terminology and interface design of paid search. Experienced bidders know better but new advertisers can get tripped up.  Inflationary tendencies in paid search auctions include: New accounts being opted into content targeting at the same bid […]


Geekynomics? Finding The Hidden Government Within Google’s Magic Money Machine

Joseph Heath, a philosophy professor at the University of Toronto, has published the timely Filthy Lucre: Economics for People Who Hate Capitalism (HarperCollins, 2009), a clever romp through formal economic theory. As even-handed as any intellectual inheritor of The Simpsons sensibility, it debunks six economic myths of the right, and six of the left. Heath […]


The Long Tail of Paid Search Account Effort

If you spend enough time sitting at your desk in summer, you can go slightly insane. That aside, daydreaming sometimes leads to back-door observations, studies show. Glancing out the window, it’s evident that it takes a lot of resources and coordination to run a neighborhood. Schools, crossing guards, street sweepers, garbage collection, public pool maintenance, […]


Paid Search Ad Testing: Manage To ROI Or CTR?

“Horror” is an apt term for how many experienced paid search practitioners respond to the newbie’s mistake of optimizing paid search ads solely to CTR. Before getting to the nuances of ad testing, though, it’s important to emphasize yet again that rapid setup of ad rotation, for testing purposes, was the gift given to us […]


PPC-Man Drowning… Too… Many… Keywords…

The keyword long tail is dead. Long live advertising. The first shot (heard ’round most of the search marketing world) in this war against busywork was actually fired in 2002 by Google, when they introduced powerful matching options for AdWords. Too bad some folks haven’t yet heard that shot. This may be an exaggeration for […]

Analytics & Conversion

Getting Core Paid Search Analytics Right (Part 1)

If you’re a diehard search marketer, you probably find web analytics conferences a bit strange. Many of the speakers are versed in the nuances of customizing third-party analytics platforms like Google Analytics, Omniture, and ClickTracks. But many of them seemed to have learned to sprint before they learned how to walk. I’ve been struck by […]

Google Analytics

Paid Search Automation: Choosing A Vendor

In the previous two columns, I covered questionable assumptions and inconvenient truths related to bid management automation in paid search. With all those reservations and concerns out of the way, if you’re in the market for a solution vendor, you still have to form a relationship with one that meets your needs. Let’s look at […]

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